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SLS AMG - star by phP!cs on Flickr.
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Was she smiling?
She seemed cheerful enough sitting alone, in the far corner, a spectator rather than a participant of the bustle and gossip perpetuated by the students of the year seven humanities class.
Library time was easier; a secret place nestled in the far corner of books with a single bean bag won from the local Milo competition had kept her isolated yet surrounded.
Her favourite book, filled with pictures of dark naked women holding their children in Africa to the vibrant pinks, blues and yellows of India, it filled her mind with stories, she could smell the scents they possibly had and heard the collaboration of music, sounds and voices creating a symphony of the world.
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If I ever was able to end my life
I would make sure that I ended it beautifully
I would probably lay in a field with flowers shielding my body from any more harm
I would have my hair out and my lips painted a combination of a deep shade of pink/red
My eyelashes will be long, and my hands holding a single rose.
I would be in a white dress, of lace and satin
And I would pass with a smile on my face
I do not want my end to be painful, I want it to be peaceful
Something my life had never come to be.

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